Coffee pod recycling

At Cafféluxe, we don’t think great tasting coffee should have to cost the earth. That’s why we are investing in pioneering technology, renewable resources and low-energy consumption production to minimise our environmental impact as much as possible.

Recycling our capsules is as easy as 1,2,3 Our capsules are made from the same type of recyclable plastic as most yoghurt pots – so if your home recycling will take yoghurt pots, our capsules can also be recycled. So, to dispose of your used capsules simply:

  1. Remove the lid from your capsule.
  2. Tip out the contents. These can either go into your food recycling or straight into your garden composter (did you know coffee makes a fantastic natural fertiliser for the garden).
  3. Put the empty capsule into your plastic recycling.

We Love the Environment as Much as We Love Coffee

Looking after the planet has always been fundamental to our vision at Cafféluxe. That’s why we constantly strive to reduce our environmental impact with low emissions technology and pioneering recyclable packaging. We are now aiming to be the first producer to bring you home compostable capsules – just another way we can help to protect our environment for future generations.

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