The Best Coffee

The Best Coffee

The quality of your coffee beans can make or break the flavour and aroma of your morning cup. The question is; how do you figure out which beans are the best?

Coffee beans typically come in 3 varieties namely; Arabica, Robusta and a mix of Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica - these are high quality beans; rich in flavor. They have to be grown in specific conditions to reach their utmost potential, that’s why they are so valuable. You’ll see a lot of brands slap “100% arabica beans” on their labels as an affirmation of quality.

Robusta - Robusta beans are lower ranking as compared to arabica beans in terms of flavour, but they also contain more caffeine. Some people are willing to make the trade-off to get their fix. Robusta coffee beans are also much easier to cultivate than arabica, so they’re cheaper to buy and sell.

Arabica and robusta - some brands mix their arabica and robusta beans. This is mainly done to increase the caffeine content of their coffee without sacrificing its flavour. You might like an arabica and robusta blend if you are interested in finding this balance yourself.

Most countries that grow coffee beans have their own mythos surrounding it. For instance, Brazilian roasts are known for being dark and heavy; Ethiopian coffees tend to be sweeter and fruitier. Should you be looking for a specific flavour profile, you will probably want to go with single origin beans from your country of choice.

Also, if you like unique, complicated flavours, you might prefer blended beans that will swirl together to create a complex roast. Just ensure you are buying artisan blended roasts and not cheap blended roasts that were thrown together for cost-cutting purposes.

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