All About Espresso

All About Espresso

For many, the best way to begin the day is with a fresh cup of espresso, as it has the ability to get the heart pumping, ensuring you begin the day with a jolt. Let’s begin by establishing what espresso really is.

In case you don’t know; espresso is coffee. It is not a brand of coffee as others may believe, nor is it a certain type. Espresso is a certain method of preparing coffee. Firstly, you place a certain amount of ground coffee beans into the coffee maker’s strainer. You then place water into the coffee maker. After switching the device on, you will see drops of coffee start to pour into the coffee container, also known as the decanter.

Brewing is one way to make coffee, the espresso is another. Both coffee-making methods are similar in a sense that hot water is added to ground coffee beans. The difference lies in the method of adding hot water. In brewing coffee, the coffee maker pours hot water naturally on the ground coffee beans. In making coffee using the espresso way, the espresso machine forces pressurized water onto the ground coffee beans.

The end result of brewing coffee and making an espresso is also different. In brewed coffee, it is normal to use up to about a litre of water for every cup of or so of ground coffee. In espresso, only about a shot glass of water is used, which is why an espresso is highly concentrated coffee.

As a result of being highly concentrated, an espresso may have the appearance of being stronger than regular coffee. It may be slightly bitter than brewed coffee, but the true strength of coffee is not in the way it is made, but in the way it is roasted; which can be light roast, medium roast or dark roast. 

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